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The MCs


Listed alphabetically by surname

Terri Allen

Terri is an active, keen Melbourne diver, having learnt in the early 80s while studying for her Zoology degree at Melbourne University.

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Jane Bowman

Jane is a member of DIVA, the Diving Industry of Victoria Association, (president for six years) and an inducted member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame.

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Jayne Jenkins

Born and raised in Wales, Jayne learnt to dive in the chilly waters along the rugged Welsh coastline before moving to Australia in 1973. As an avid diver and underwater photographer, Jayne is actively involved in many facets of the diving industry and have been for over three decades. Jayne has worked as a safety diver and researcher for various underwater film, television and photographic expeditions focussing on diving in the Pacific, including the cave diving spectacular Sanctum.

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Warrick McDonald

Warrick started diving in 1961 on a borrowed Dutch Navy twin set. He became 'hooked' and joined the Navy as a Clearance Diver. After discharge, he started at 'Airdive Equipment' in 1966 who became Australias largest SCUBA Equipment wholesaler/manufacturer for many years.

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Michael Menduno

Michael Menduno, aka “M2,” is an award-winning journalist who has written about diving and diving technology for 30 years. He coined the term “technical diving”. His magazine “aquaCORPS: The Journal for Technical Diving” (1990-1996) helped usher tech diving into mainstream sports diving.

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Hannah Smeeton

Originally training to be a teacher through a double degree in Education/Arts and then obtaining a Diploma in Frontline Management, Hannah Smeeton took a change her career path when she caught the diving bug in the 1990s.

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Richard Taylor

Richard Taylor has over 25 years experience in Technical Diving in Australia & New Zealand, starting with the deep wrecks off Sydney in the late 90s, using Nitrox in 1992 and Trimix in 1994. He was for many years the Regional Director for Technical Diving International (TDI) and Scuba Diving International (SDI) and holds Instructor Trainer ratings with them at multiple levels.

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Mark Tozer

Mark Tozer is an accomplished diver, businessman and charity founder. He is married and enjoys diving with his teenage son.

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