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Michael Menduno

OZTek Advanced Diving Conference - Michael Menduno

Michael Menduno's Topics:

Topic 1:

What are the human limits of cave exploration? When should we send in the robots instead of going ourselves?

A panel discussion of what are the reasonable limits of underwater exploration, and when is it time to send in the robots? Panel: Bill Stone, JP Imbert, Richard Harris, Simon Mitchell.

Topic 2:

Is Deep Open Circuit Tech Diving Dead?

A panel discussion of the efficacy of open circuit tech diving in light of increasing helium costs.

Topic 3:

Could Hydrogen Improve Diver Safety and Performance on Über-Deep Tech Dives?

InDEPTH chief Michael Menduno explorers the potential use of hydrogen to improve diver safety and performance on uber-deep dives.

Michael Menduno

Writer/reporter, content creator and editor


Michael Menduno / M2 is an award-winning journalist and technologist who has written about diving and diving technology for more than 30 years. He coined the term “technical diving”.

His magazine aquaCORPS: The Journal for Technical Diving (1990-1996), helped usher tech diving into mainstream sports diving, and he produced the first Tek Conferences and Rebreather Forums 1.0 & 2.0. Menduno is the co-founder and serves as editor-in-chief of GUE’s InDepth magazine and is an editor/reporter for DAN Europe’s Alert Diver magazine.

He is also a contributing editor for X-Ray mag, a staff writer for, sits on the board of the Historical Diving Society (USA), and is a member of the Rebreather Training Council.

OZTek Advanced Diving Conference - Michael Menduno