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Robin Cuesta

Robin Cuesta

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Cave Diving Indonesia

Mexico, Florida, France… those are places that would come in every diver's mind while planning a cave diving vacation. But did you know that just next door, the wide Indonesian archipelago is home of dozens, if not hundredsof those underwater caves, most of them being left unexplored.

Indonesia is the newcomer in the cave diving scene. With more than 150000 km² of karst area, the potential is limitless. In this seminar you will know more about the history of exploration in this area, the main places of interests and how Indonesia is becoming a must-see destination for cave diving training and exploration.

Robin Cuesta

Underwater cave explorer and Cave Diving Instructor


Robin Cuesta is born and raised in Paris, France but is currently living in Indonesia, more precisely in the town of Baubau, South-East Sulawesi in remote eastern Indonesia.

Robin started his diving journey in Cuba in 2006 and learned diving all around the world. He entered the professional diving industry in 2013 and started cave diving in France the same year. After going back and forth from France to several tropical destinations he started its own operation, Sulawesi Dive Trek, the first Indonesia-based dive center providing cave diving education, in 2019.

Through this dive center, he is teaching a whole range of Diving courses either in open or closed circuit but is mostly focused on cave diving. He is the first active Technical Cave Diving Instructor operating in Indonesia and has shaped many of the first Indonesian cave divers.

When he is not teaching he spends most of his free time exploring underwater caves.

He started exploring them in Southeast Sulawesi in 2016 and hasn’t stopped since then. He made discoveries that changed his life to the point of permanently moving to the area. He has extended his playground to the whole gigantic archipelago of Indonesia, unraveling unexplored caves all over the country from Sumatra to Papua passing by Java and of course, Sulawesi. His ties with the caving community in the country are the backbone of its exploration course and he is contributing to the national exploration effort by offering them training in cave diving in order to expand their exploration toolbox.

His passion for cave diving has made him an active advocate for the aquifer preservation and conservation in Indonesia. As a pioneer of cave diving in this country, he raises awareness about this underground paradise and helps educate young generations to protect it.