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Rannva Joermundsson

Rannva Joermundsson

Rannva Joermundsson's Topics:

Topic 1:

Cave exploration project the “Xunaan-Ha Expedition in Mexico in November 2021”

A project which was supported by Rolex as part of its Perpetual Planet Initiative.

Topic 2:

EXPEDITION BUTENG - 2023 - Preparing for a major expedition

The history of the area (untravelled). Robins discovery of the system and the local interest/use of the water. Rannnva and my history together and our passion for caves and aquifers (and the importance of this aquifer in particularly, locally and internationally).

  • The planning of the expedition - Why and how.
  • The goals (scientifically, culturally + UNESCO Geopark application process).
  • The cooperations (Indonesian government & University faculties). What do they need and how will we provide this.
  • The dive team - who are they and what are their roles - making the A-team of highly experienced people and their responsibilities was vital, it is not easy diving.
  • The dry team - speleologists mapping and exploring the 2 massive dry chambers, hoping for connections to water.
  • The logistical challenges (heavy) - everyone are trained in Mexico on Sidewinder + scooters prior to project, all is shipped to Indo in containers. Permits are heavy. The list is long.
  • The media interest - History channel, HBO + 2 different producers (pros and cons of having a documentary created).
  • And hopefully finishing with revealing that the expedition is both a flag expedition (we are awaiting approval) and who the main sponsor is.

Rannva Joermundsson

Instructor and Technical Diver
Fourth Element and Shearwater Research


Rannva Joermundsson, originally from the Faroe Islands, lives in Cornwall, UK, where she works as a Sales Accounts Manager for Fourth Element and Shearwater Research.

Beyond working with B2B sales, she assists with product development, product testing, photoshoots, writing blogs and representing the brand as a fourth element team diver and whatever else fun challenges fourth element comes up with.

Rannva has been diving since 2008 and is a PADI IDC Staff instructor and full cave CCR diver, and she is a member of the Explorers Club in New York.

Amongst her latest projects, Rannva was expedition divemaster on a private expedition to Antarctica in 2020, where her first continental landing was by helicopter and she dived in a submarine.

Rannva Joermundsson

She was also an invited member of the Xunaan-Ha Cave Exploration expedition in Mexico in November 2021, which was supported by Rolex as part of its Perpetual Planet initiative.

Rannva’s next project will take place in Sulawesi, Indonesia, planned for 2023. She is part of an ongoing cave exploration project, where cave diving is explorative, desolate and evolves around research, scientific information gathering and water preservation of unique and isolated cave systems.

Rannva Joermundsson