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Bobby Chacon

Bobby Chacon

Bobby Chacon

Retired FBI Agent


In 2006, SA Chacon was selected by the FBI Laboratory to be part of a twelve FBI diver Team to travel to Yusafiah, Iraq to conduct underwater search operations in support of the US Army's Criminal Investigation Division (see Brian DiPalma film "Redacted").

Bobby Chacon - retired FBI agent

Bobby Chacon - by S. Barsky

In 2007, SA Chacon was selected as the Senior Team Leader for the FBI Underwater Search and Evidence Response Team for the Los Angeles Field Division.

Notable dive operations participated include TWA Flight 800 (1996), Space Shuttle Colombia (2003) Laci Peterson (2003), Minneapolis Bridge collapse (2007).

In 2008, SA Chacon was selected by the FBI's University Education Program (UEP) to attend commercial dive school and obtain his underwater welding licence.

In 2009, SA Chacon graduated from the National Polytechnic College of Science/College of Oceaneering with an A.S. degree in Marine Science Technology and became a licensed commercial diver and certified underwater welder.