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Vanessa Torres Macho

Vanessa Torres Macho

Vanessa Torres Macho

Underwater portrait and ocean photographer


Vanessa is a Sydney-based underwater portrait and ocean photographer.

Her earliest memories in the 80s involve trying her dad’s scuba diving equipment in their backyard pool, which culminated in her becoming a scuba instructor in the early 2000s.

Her passion for the underwater environment has allowed her to travel the world, finally settling in Australia, and developing her underwater photography career.

Vanessa started by photographing reefs and wrecks, moved into caves and finally ‘discovered’ portrait and freediving photography. Her background in Fine Arts allowed her to bring her creativity into her photoshoots, including the introduction of props to create unique environments.

Vanessa Torres Macho

You can usually find Vanessa in the water trying to manipulate light to her advantage and submerging her models in all types of environments, or teaching and advising like-minded photographers.

Vanessa's passion and drive is to capture that one moment where light, patterns and colours meet to recreate an image portraying the beauty of being underwater.

Vanessa runs Aquatic Imaging Australia, Sydney, and you can find her work here: www.vanessatorresmacho.com

Vanessa Torres Macho
All images by Vanessa Torres Macho unless otherwise stated.