UW Photographic Competition Judges

As our Underwater Photographic Competition grows in stature and interest (including the Nikon Dive Portfolio of the Year), we felt it time to reveal those who work behind the scenes; spend hours pouring over fabulous images and who, ultimately, have the very difficult and challenging job of deciding the winning images.

Introducing our esteemed judges:

JAYNE JENKINS - Judge for the OZTek Underwater Photographic Competition


Born and raised in Wales, Jayne Jenkins learned to dive in the chilly waters along the rugged Welsh coastline before moving to Australia in 1973. An avid diver and distinguished underwater photographer.

Matthew Smith - Judge for the OZTek Underwater Photographic Competition


Matty is an ocean wildlife photographer based in Stanwell Park, NSW, Australia. He has exhibited his award winning images in over 70 countries across 5 continents around the world, including the London Natural History Museum in  the UK and the Australian Museum right here in Sydney.

Chris Miller - Judge for the OZTek Underwater Photographic Competition


Chris Miller is the director of Moceans Films, he has been in the industry for 37 years starting out as a surf / water cameraman and then moving on to news and current affairs. Twenty of those years traveling the world full time on Getaway, the TV travel series.

Sue Crowe - Judge for the OZTek Underwater Photographic Competition


Sue comes to the judging panel not as a professional photographer but with years of experience picking images for magazines and articles. As editor of Scuba Diver Australasia, as a journalist, as a judge and for marketing, Sue has chosen many an image to sell a story. "It's good to have a non-professional photographer on the panel, it adds another dimension to how images are viewed."