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OZDive Show Podcast 2 has landed!


OZDive Show Podcast 2 has landed!

OZDive Show Podcast 2 has landed!

Peter Buzzacott, a well known diving accident researcher (full bio here) - talks about diving accidents minor and major, how we can learn from them and the importance of documenting any and all accidents...

Diving with the isolator valve closed, breathing from the wrong tank, taking in a mouthful of caustic cocktail, these are the sorts of tech diving incident reports which DAN collects and publishes.

DAN also assists tech divers with decompression sickness, coordinates evacuations, and researches tech diving fatalities to identify potential issues that may need resolving.

Peter's summary of the first 500 incidents reported to DAN was released two days prior to OZTek2019 and can be found here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK562526/?report=reader. It provides fascinating accounts of dives not going quite to plan. By documenting ALL incidents, big and small, we can identify potential recurring problems and hopefully safeguard those who follow.


Rebreather Fatalities
Rebreather Fatalities


The OZDive Show Podcast can be found here:

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