Adam Stern

Adam Stern is a competitive freediver, Australian champion and 5 x Australian freediving record holder.

Adam loves nothing more than diving deep, extending his limits and exploring the ocean on breath hold. During the off season (competition) he focuses on teaching others to freedive. Encouraging people to explore the ocean and increase their abilities on one breath is something he’s seriously passionate about. He believes just about anyone can freedive.

For Adam, freediving has been a constant process of self-discovery in which he has redefined my limits time and time again. Doing this so often in his diving has allowed him to use the same mentality and confidence in the rest of his life. Adam trains people from the absolute beginner level all the way up to the instructor and competitive level.

Adam Stern by Kalindi Wijsmuller

Adam Stern Freediving Records

Personal Bests:

  • Constant Weight with Fins: -106m
  • Constant Weight No Fins: -64m
  • Free Immersion: -92m

Australian Freediving Records:

  • Free Immersion - 85m
  • Free Immersion - 86m
  • Free Immersion - 88m
  • Free Immersion - 90m
  • Free Immersion - 92m (Current Australian Record)

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Adam Stern Freediving Champion at OZTek2019