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Celebrating the achievements and accomplishments of Australia's leading Divers and Dive Industry personnel - people who have helped push back the boundaries of knowledge and exploration, and whose efforts lead to the development and use of new diving technologies.

The presentation of the biennial OZTek Awards is a much-anticipated aspect of OZTek & the concluding Gala Awards Dinner.

In 2017, for the first time, deserving winners were nominated by the diving public - this was the result!

Nominations will be open for the 2019 Awards towards the end of 2018.

Jane Bowman receives her 2017 Industry Recognition Award from Jayne Jenkins (right). Photo: Chris Millbern


Industry Recognition Award

To acknowledge diving Industry members whose individual efforts have often had a far-reaching impact on the advancement and growth of diving.

Previous Recipients are:

  • Rob Cason
  • Dr Simon Mitchell
  • Richard Nicholls
  • Barry Hallett
  • Tony Davis
  • Barry Andrewartha
  • Terry Cummins
  • Col McKenzie
  • Jayne Jenkins
  • Richard Taylor
  • Warrick McDonald
  • Richard Evans
  • Jane Bowman - 2017
Scott Willan receives his 2017 Outstanding Achievement Award from John Dalla-Zuanna (left)   Photo: Chris Millbern


Outstanding Achievement Award

To recognise deserving individuals whose achievements embody the spirit of diving adventure, exploration and teamwork.

Previous Recipients are:

  • Kevin Denlay
  • Ron Allum
  • Andrew Wight
  • Chris Brown
  • Dr Mark Spencer
  • Dr Richard Harris
  • Steve Trewavas
  • Mervyn Maher
  • Pete Mesley
  • John Dalla-Zuanna
  • Scott Willan - 2017
Emerging Explorer Award
Tom Crisp receiving his Emerging Explorer Award from Pete Mesley (right)   Photo: Chris Millbern


Acknowledgement of an up-&-coming diver for their contribution to exploration, research or training in the spirit of team work and community.

  • Tom Crisp - 2017
 Technical Diver of The Year Award
Richard Harris just after receiving his 2017 Technical Diver of the Year award. Photo: Chris Millbern

Technical Diver of The Year Award

For continued outstanding achievements in underwater exploration (includes elements of teamwork, mentoring and inspiration).

Previous Recipients are:

  • David Apperley
  • Paul Hosie
  • Trevor Jackson
  • Samir Alhafith
  • Craig Challen
  • Sandy Varin
  • Liam Allen
  • Lance Robb
  • Richard Harris - 2017
Lifetime Achievement Award 


Lifetime Achievement Award

An award which speaks for itself.

Previous Recipients are:

  • Valerie Taylor
Media Excellence Award Richard Vevers
Richard Vevers: 2015 Media Excellence Award. Photo: Nicholas Terry


Media Excellence Award

For ongoing promotion of ocean awareness and the diving industry, technical or otherwise.

Note: This award is only given in outstanding circumstances

Previous Recipients are:

  • Michael Menduno
  • Jill Heinerth
  • Richard Vevers - 2015
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